It was only a few years ago we were in a real estate depression, which proves how quickly people forget. In 1987, the stock market crashed and the Savings and Loans went out of business. That led to one of the biggest real estate fire sales in history.

Don’t know where TingPing got that from, but it’s good to know.

My grandma would put it differently though: “No candle burnt all night to the morning.


“Unveiling the Secrets of the Fontanel, and the positioning of the Sun in your universe, in the macrocosm and microcosm of your essence is crucial to living your life to the fullest. Living your life forwards, whilst reading your memory’s conception is critical…”


“Have you tried to blog / write / read something off the Internet, in the comfort of your own cubicle {it’d work wonders if you’re in a cubicle} with a scented candle lighted in a corner, just your breathing, and the rain pouring outside just slighting hinting at you…”

Check it out.